Resolution of the 26th Annual Conference of All India Santali Writers’ Association held Michael John auditorium, Jamshedpur on 23-24 Nov. 2013.

Published November 26, 2013

1.    Santali should be given recognition as the second official language in the State of Odisha.Govt. of Jharkhand should issue Gazette notification or implementation of sanTazi Language as second Official Language.

2.    Govt. of Jharkhand and Odisha should set up Santali Academy as soon as possible for the promotion of Santali language, literature and culture.

3.    Education should be imparted in Santali language (Script being OlChiki) in primary, secondary and higher levels in large numbers of schools and Colleges in the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha, sufficient Santali teachers must be appointed as soon as possible for the implementation.

4.    Pass and Honours courses in Santali should be introduced in the colleges of North Orissa University and Sambalpur University immediately.

5.    P.G.  Department  in  Santali  should  be  set  up  immediately  in  Kolhan  University,  Ranchi  University  and Sambalpur University.

6.    P.G. Department in Santali should be set up in Burdwan University Campus, Burdwan immediately.

7.    Separate P.G. Department in Santali should be set up in the Ranchi University, Ranchi. Santali must not be kept under Tribal & Regional Languages Dept.

8.    PanditRaghunathMurmu Santali University should be set up at Betkundrinear Jhargram, West Bengal as soon as possible.

9.    All India Radio, New Delhi should broadcast news in Santali every day.

10.  DoorDarsan Center Kolkata, Ranchi and Bhubneswar should also broadcast news every day.

11.  Santali language (OlChiki Script) should be incorporated in the currency Note of India as soon as possible.

12.  University Grant Commission should recognize “Ol Chiki” script introduce Santali Language for National Eligibility Test Examination as soon as possible.

13.  Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore should publish books/study materials in OlChiki Script only.

14.  Govt. of Jharkhand and of Odisha should give advertisement to Santali news Papers, Journals and Magazines.

15.  Indira Gandhi National Open University and NetajiSubhas Open University should introduce education in Santali language in B.A. & M.A. course.

16.  All Sign Boards, Display Boards of Railway Stations of Eastern Railway, S.E. railway and East Coast Railway should be written in Santali (OlChikiSeript and movement of trains should be announced in Santali language.

17.  South   Eastern   Railway   should   introduce   sanTazi   Language   as   Regional   Language   for   competitive Eaxaminations.

18.  Govt. of India should incorporate santali Language (script being Ol Chiki) in currency Note in India.

19.  The central and State Govt. should take representatives of All India santali Writers’ Association in UGC (NET), SSC and PSC syllabus committee .

20.   sanTazi should be given minority language status by the govt. of Jharkhand and Odisha immediately.

21.  Ghatshila to Kadadhuba Road should be named after the famous sanTazi writer Majhi Ramdas Tudu ‘ResKa’.

22.  The Lecturer posts should be created for sanTazi Language in colleges and Universities by the Govt. of Jharkhand.

23.  There should be any sanTazi programme in all Doordarshan and All India Radio centres in the state of Jharkhand.


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