• To popularise ‘OLCHIKI’ and support it to become an instructional medium at all primary and support it to become an instructional medium at all primary school level across tribal areas.
  • To spot, recognise, scout and felicitate literary works by obscure and emerging writers and poets.
  • To recognise and felicitate old established literary champions and encourage them to carry on their good work.
  • To encourage writers and critics to give a strong suggestion and corrective voice about Santali systems, customs, beliefs, rituals through their writings.
  • To encourage participation of female child and ladies of all age groups as we feel they are an important segment of any developmental changes of the society.
  • To build a literary bank for the use of undergraduates, post graduates curriculum and research scholars who may find easy references for their projects.
  • To design extensive learning materials for beginner’s with pictorial depiction relating to daily life and living.
  • To have a documentation of all useful herbs and shrubs and household traditional medication and their use in the absence of modern medical help.
  • To encourage using of Santali language for all children living in cities during all verbal transaction.
    Lastly our Ultimate mission “Realisation of the dream of Pandit Raghunath Murmu”.